During construction of a system, the focus is mainly on designing, building and putting into operation. An important phase that follows the construction is maintenance and support. In drawing up the specifications, architecture and the technologies used, MCS takes the maintenance and support phase already into account. By taking fundamental measures, costs can be saved during the complete life cycle of a product, which can amount to 10 years.

Maintenance and support of products is an increasing part of our services portfolio. Our customers want us to relieve them of concerns. We do this not only by designing and building the system, but also by managing and maintaining it and by supplying the necessary knowledge so our customers can concentrate on their core activities. The major advantage of working this way is that our customers have a clear insight into the total cost of ownership (TCO) which leads to overall predictability.
Maintenance can be necessary for software as well as hardware. Although support activities show quite a number of similarities between software and hardware, the maintenance processes are quite different. It would get too far off the subject to enter into it in detail here. Types of maintenance:

Maintenance type ... explained
Corrective Solving bugs, found after the acceptance test
Adaptive Adapting the application software to a new or changed environment ("portability" pays off here), adapting the system software to other or changed hardware, adapting hardware (replacing components) and making a redesign with other components. These components can display a different behaviour, which may have consequences for the system software
Additive Extending the application with new functionality, if necessary extending the hardware with new functionality and adapting the system software with new functionality due to the new hardware functionality

Project management

In MCS's definition, project management covers: the life span of a product, from product creation until product discontinuation. With execution of the project management, MCS can relieve its customers from the complete process of creating and maintaining a product or system. In fact, we guarantee optimal availability of a product: "function, form and fit compatible"

Especially in the production phase, hardware requires intensive care and support because several parties are involved. In project management our knowledge and experience in hard and software comes in handy. Furthermore, our experience with various production technologies is indispensable. In the market of manufacturers, we maintain an independent position. We select manufacturers for the production techniques, test facilities, logistic organisation, and quality guarantee they can apply.