About Minds Creating Solutions

Minds Creating Solutions is founded in March 2004 to offer independent services and products in the field of electronic system and product creation. Although a young company it is built on many years of experience, the founders were previously employed by Philips Electronics for similar activities. Minds Creating Solutions has an excellent background in product creation including an extensive experience in the fields of product management, system architecture and the design of electronics, embedded software and application specific integrated circuits (asic's). The broad knowledge fully covers all aspects of what are called embedded systems.

The partners, individually and since 1996 jointly, realized a multitude of successful products.

Due to the fact that we are vendor independent, we look for the best suitable components, tools or platform for the project. For embedded systems, this means we choose between OS-less, Windows-CE, embedded Linux or some other (proprietary) solution. In relation with hardware for example the choice of the CPU brand is determined only by rational arguments such as price, performance, experience, portability issues, ease of use, vendor support, etc.

Why embedded systems

Embedded systems are extensively applied in intelligent devices and within our everyday surroundings (ranging from mobile phones and kitchen equipment to complete satellites). Whenever there is a question of observing, measuring, controlling, communication, and processing of data we will more and more often come across embedded systems that fulfill these functions unnoticed, invisibly and quickly. Factors that play an important role in embedded systems are reliability, availability, safety and ruggedness. In embedded systems, there usually is a strong interaction with the surroundings, and the system must react real-time for the user.

The applications of embedded systems are numerous. MCS can develop these systems for applications in f.i. home entertainment and information systems, medical systems, data communication, etc. Embedded systems are hybrid systems composed of digital and/or analog hardware components, software components, interface technology (sensors, actuators, etc.), communication technology (wireless, network) in various combinations. For developing embedded systems MCS builds on its expertise to design the architecture and thereby laying the foundations for the system. We use as many accepted standards and standard-based products as possible. As a result the realized system solution has the longest possible life span and further extensions can be realized efficiently.

Important elements in realizing embedded systems are:
System architecture;
Embedded operating systems and device drivers;
(real-time) embedded applications;
Communication protocols and networks;
Media processing;
Remote management and diagnostics.
Middleware for the integration of systems within a network;
Load balancing for the desired performance and response times;
System availability and reliability;
Graphic user interfaces and web technology;
Security technology for the right security level;

Products & protos

Commercially successful products:

The first Philips CCD camera module.
Video observation systems for surveillance and process control.
The first Philips LCD PC monitor.

Some of our innovative prototypes for:
The first Philips LCD TV.
Accelerated video subsystem featuring lowest power dissipation for mobile phones.
Real-time video transmission over wireless and power line links.
Streaming-media platform for portable appliances.
Hard disk based video recorder.
Various architectures for the "connected home".

Our achievements picture gallery can be found here.

About the founders

Nick Winkel

ing. Nick M.T. Winkel was born on Januari 7th 1962

He studied electronics at the Heerlen Institute of Technology.
In 1988 he joined Philips Electronics where he worked as:
Service engineer for Electron optics
Senior engineer and application manager for Flat Panel Display Co.
Project manager for Software & Electronics and
Senior system architect for the Application Lab Components

In March 2004 he co-founded Minds Creating Solutions.


Erik Dal

ir. Erik H. Dal was born on December 21st 1953

He studied electronics and software at the Eindhoven Universtity of Technology.
In 1985 he joined Philips Electronics where he worked for a multitide of business groups:
Pre development for business group Videography
System development for the Advanced Projects Lab
Groupleader development for the Electronic Imaging Group
Product/Marketing management for Video Camera Module group
Product strategy & planning for bu Video Camera Modules & CCTV
Senior project manager new business for Mobile Display Systems
Manager development and application support for Flat Panel Display Co.
General Manager Software & Electronics
Manager man-machine interfacing for Application Lab Components
Principal system architect for the Philips Components division

In March 2004 he co-founded Minds Creating Solutions.

In March 2005 Erik left Minds Creating Solutions to accept an carrier opportunity with Philips Semiconductors.

If you're interested in hiring us for a job our full CV's are available on request: info@mcs-tech.nl